I usually avoid talking politics here like the F but who can be happy that approximately 140,000 people, demographically mostly male and over fifty-five, will ultimately choose our next Prime Minister?

Apart from Conservative members that is!

OUR freakin’ Prime Minister; almost 67 million UK population and almost 47 million of us eligible to vote.

140,000 v 47,000,000? 47,000,000 v 140,000?

My maths isn’t that great but even I can see ‘something is rotten in the state of Denmark!’ A line from Hamlet but oh so very applicable here.

The dark side of the divine feminine?

You bet your twinkly shoes the dark side of MY divine feminine is in the ascendant. Sophia, Lilith and Kali are well enraged!

And ever was it thus…

I’m active in local politics and often it’s a nightmare. Misogyny is rife as well as several ‘isms.’ Males of various cultures dominate and it takes a feisty woman to stand up to those who blatantly tell women ‘you talk too much’ or ‘be quiet.’

Blessedly, there’s a small number of us.

You can imagine what happened when I was told I talked too much. Not quite a bloodbath but almost!


I challenged the premise, steadfastly held my ground and deliciously neutralised offending males.

Still do…

Yes, I could wish the political system was a kind, collaborative and beneficial place. I could wish injustice in its many forms was no more. I could wish all misogynists were neutered… naughty naughty me!

Wishing on its own won’t cut it… groan groan!

And no… I’m not about to initiate a campaign of testicle chopping.

What I am doing is identifying with the majestic power and force of the divine feminine and her dark side. I’m manifesting her within and outside me as a model and spokeswoman for her power.

I stand for love, collaboration and unity as The Wild Elder. AND, as The Wild Elder and woman enraged by biased injustices, I stand for my truth and proclaim it within my circles of influence.

I encourage women to grab their own divine feminine cojones and make a stand for their truth within their circles of influence too… whatever they are!

Whoever becomes Prime Minister, whatever the injustice, however biased the system, the dark side of the divine feminine is most definitely rising. It’s at its peril if the patriarchy under-estimates her.

And at your peril if you do the same. Depression and/or physical ailments are prone to occur when you deny your truth.

Instead, embrace her in all her powerful havoc wreaking, truth seeking and speaking energy AND you too will be a beautiful and flaming force for creative change…

Love to you…

PS. If you’re with me, share this with another woman who needs to access her own power and her own truth. Dare to take the chance… Her life’s too precious to waste too!

Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash

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