Inspiring women who don’t want

to die with a wasted life…

Inspiring women who don’t want to die with a wasted life…

to manifest what they desire in a no-bullshit way

This page needed a rewrite because, in the face of public exposure, I made it mealy-mouthed and watered down in case you didn’t like me. To hell with whether you like me or not!

You and your precious self are galaxies more important than me being liked.

And that’s what you do to yourself too, isn’t it? A cover-up job of some kind. In your case to hide the feeling of lack, the hole inside. You might have tried to fill it but nothing’s worked. You don’t really know how to begin. And changing stuff is shit scary anyway.

I get it! 

As a younger woman, I was you. Feeling a bit lost. Bobbing along in life with an undercurrent of dis-ease. Not knowing what on earth was going on or how to fix it.

I would have given my right arm for an elder like me to recognise my state and shine a light forward.

Now, in my seventies, I’m a hot-shit psychotherapist-alchemist-guide. As The Wild Elder®, I ooze shedloads of knowledge, expertise and wisdom that inspires me and others to live a rich and meaningful life.

I can inspire you magically-safely to your own truth, your own meaning and purpose, and how to live it! 

No bullshit. No lengthy marketing spiel. No conditional promises.

I can’t show you how to create a million dollar business. I can’t show you how to find your soul mate. I can’t teach you how to walk on water!

What I can do is inspire you to find yourself and live in line with who you really are from which all things can flow.  

I only work with up-for-it women who don’t want to die with a wasted life. Women who can commit to their own delicious evolution. Women with self-awareness who desire to find their truth, their meaning and purpose, and learn how to freakin’ rock it!

Women who want to be more in charge of themselves and their lives, to feel more self-confident and at ease in their skin. Women who want to reap the rewards of living a life aligned with their truest values, abilities and skills.

If that’s you, I salute you… You’re in for one gorgeous transformative ride made all the more doable with me, Sharon Eden, The Wild Elder®, beside you. 

Call me on +44(0) 208 597 9200 or
drop me a line so we can explore doing great work together…

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