Just so you know, I am aware of our recent fairy-tale royal wedding with handsome prince marrying gorgeous commoner and all the issues around that being hailed as a ‘good thing.’ And, although I might sound a bit curmudgeonly, enough already!

If you spent just a fraction of the time you ooo-ed and ah-ed over the event ooo-ing and ah-ing about yourself, you and your soul would be so happy. Its design for you includes that you recognise your own magnificence. But do you heck?

Of course not!

It’s easier to see it in the ‘happy couple.’ Easier to recognise it in their deep-long ‘in-love’ gaze into the other’s eyes; each mirroring back the other’s magnificence.

You remember that falling-in-love thing? There’s an idea that ‘in love’ is you projecting your divine self onto the other and falling in love when you see it reflected back through your lover’s eyes.

When’s the last time you looked into your own eyes in a mirror? When’s the last time you saw your own magnificence?

I bet it’s a long time ago, if ever.

You and I were taught not to think much of ourselves. Magnificence? Bah humbug. What will that put on the table? Push down your own self-ish (i.e., take care of self) desires. Put the needs of others first… always.

They just told you the lies they were told themselves so they wouldn’t shine. And if they couldn’t shine why should you? They spoke from ignorance, not seeing the light; their light, your light, divine light!

When’s the last time you looked into your eyes in a mirror? When’s the last time you saw your magnificence?

After many years, I just did… and my eyes poured with relief and joy.

So could yours.

Love to you…

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Photo by Akshar Dave on Unsplash