Sunday… A pyjama day for chilling, reading and snoozing. No pressure. Breakfast, then I sit in the garden and read a book as part of my morning practice. A personal and spiritual development book… What else?

In an exercise, I’m asked to write down and FEEL what I want to manifest in my life. And then I’m asked to seek guidance and a sign that would tell me I was on the right track to manifest what I desire.

As what I desired was one more delicious soul client for my Truth Seekers Programme™ the guidance was to change the photo on my website. It’s a lovely photo but doesn’t convey The Wild Elder that I’ve become. So the guidance was spot on. Now for the sign…

At first mind, as it does, threw up all kinds of things. I knew not one of them was ‘the’ sign by their lack of energetic oomph. And mind would just not quieten its jabber smoke screen.

A sure sign I was working with big shit!

I smiled with the knowing and took joy in the jabber. A few more slow breaths and voila… the sign emerged. Remember, this is the ‘I’m on the right track to manifest my desire’ sign that will appear in my life somehow. And that could be via anything in the universe or beyond.

I wrote in my journal, ‘Sign = a cross/dagger.’ The cross was upright rather than x shaped and I couldn’t quite get the shape of the dagger hilt. But the vision was good enough. Closed my journal and went back into the garden to continue reading.

Within a few seconds a church bell began to ring. There are a few local churches but they’ve totally been out of the bell-ringing habit for decades. We NEVER hear church bells on a Sunday morning.

I stopped reading and listened to the single and repeating church bell chime mixed with bird song and the hum of distant traffic. And then…

O M G!

I realised with the immensity of epiphany that my sign wasn’t a lone cross. It wasn’t a dagger. It was a Crucifix… Jesus Christ ON the Cross.

Within seconds the church bell stopped ringing…

Love to you…

PS. Manifestation is at the heart of my Truth Seekers work. If you know one or two women who would benefit from my stuff, please forward this to them and encourage them to sign up with my thanks.

Photo by Maria Svecova on Unsplash

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