Yes, I’ve got my shouty voice on. I’m busting with the Kavanagh v Ford travesty and millions, I have no doubt, of other and similar unheard cases.

I cannot know the ‘truth’ but ‘the’ truth I saw was Ford, having taken a polygraph test, telling her ‘truth’ in a co-operative and dignified way. Kavanagh, who had refused a polygraph test, came for a fight, attacking people he thought had ‘staged’ Ford’s allegation, ebullient and downright offensive at times.

There’s a rumour that Trump told him to behave that way… No surprise there then. It’s what Trump does every time when there’s some misbehaviour, even proven, of which he’s accused. Bully your way out of a hole is his trademark!

As women, we know that one don’t we? Could be our grandfather, our father, an uncle, our brother, a cousin, a friend’s relative, our boss at work, a colleague, a fellow student, the man in the shop… Any male who in one way or another has disrespected us. And there are oh so many ways we get disrespected, aren’t there?

Some ways so subtle you think it’s not worth causing a fuss about. Some ways so shaming you shrink from ‘telling.’ Some ways so blatant, you get told, ‘That’s how we do things around here and, if you don’t like it, you know what to do.’

Misogyny and sexual abuse of all kinds is alive and well in the 21st century!

When I was 17, at a work Christmas party, I was pushed up against a filing cabinet by an unsavoury middle-aged man. When he tried to slobber kiss me I smacked him round the side of his face so hard my hand hurt. He stepped away, loudly declaring, ‘Silly little girl!’ And no-one at the party, man or woman, said or did anything to support me.

However, in other ways, I unconsciously allowed myself to be groomed, used and abused by other men.

Last weekend, I heard a young woman in her early twenties, who’d recently become a local borough councillor, talk about how she was called ‘a silly girl’ by some of her male colleagues. And generally undermined because of her age and gender.

PLEEEEEEZ! Women, we have to make a stand NOW!

Not about something that happened to you thirty years ago although you have my support and my respect if you do… big time! Let’s catch those moments of undermining, leering, and verbal abuse or even sexual abuse NOW and make a stand.

Call them out in the moment as it happens… NOW!

‘What did you say?’

‘Who said you could put your hand on my bum?’

‘Who gave you permission to put me down?’

‘What makes you think I’d welcome your leering looks?’

‘What on earth made you think I want your sexual attention?’

Grab your divine feminine cojones and say it very loud and very proud IN THE MOMENT. They might pass it off but they won’t hit on you again because you ‘tell.’

When a woman knows her truth and stands firm in the power of her truth, such encounters are a piece of cake.

If you seek your truth, join me and like-minded women in my closed Facebook group, Truth Seekers Sanctuary. A safe place for you to grow, learn, comment and make a stand any time you want!

Love to you…

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Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash.