What a week. Busy with psychotherapying, Truth Seekers Programming, networking and meetings. And grateful, grateful for being The Wild Elder and the energy to be so alive.

Thank you god, goddess, Sophia, Great Spirit, the Universe and all the positive forces in the Universe… I like to cover all bases!

AND I left three Facebook women’s groups.

The first was an unruly forum with the majority of posts from women selling their wares or sob stories. It had looked good when I first joined but went downhill. Outta there!

For how long do we women stay in something or hold onto something even when you know it’s doing you no good? Too long!

You make excuses, put up with and hope things will change, flying in the face of the voice inside which says, ‘Abandon ship. You’re sinking!’

The two other women’s groups belonged to the same founder. I contacted her out of courtesy and respect before going public with my ‘goodbye.’ And, as we’re going to have a feedback chat, no more details here! What I can say is I’d outgrown these groups, probably for a while.

So, what are you staying in or holding onto that’s past its sell-by-date? What are you involved with that’s just not big enough for you anymore?

Don’t lose that thought!

It’s the pipeline to your truth and a life that’s full and rich rather than wasted.

Scary even thinking about it? Believe this is all you’re worth? Believe you don’t deserve better? Believe you won’t get anything better? Fearful of what the future would be like without them/it?

Time to zap that old limiting stuff right out of the water. Time to alchemically seduce and discover your truth. Then and only then can you decide what to do.

Some women choose a different life going forward in line with their truth. Some women choose their current life but in a whole new way aligned with their truth. Not one women has ever chosen to stay small and crippled by what she’s already got.

They don’t call me The Wild Elder for nothing!

I don’t work by rules but by being open to where-ever your soul leads us for your personal and spiritual evolution. And I listen to your inner wisdom, your own internal satnav, to direct and guide us for your greater good. Even if that’s a bit wild… What else?

Then there’s my knowledgeable experience, wisdom and alchemic nowse. All accrued over 70 years and its several incarnations! Also my cosmic humour, divinely inspired to support and guide you. And my big loving heart which holds you softly and safely always.

What a ride eh?

You can connect with me and other like-minded women in my closed Facebook group Truth Seekers Sanctuary.

And for that ONE WOMAN, and I only want to work with one, WHO SEEKS HER TRUTH so much that she aches for it and knows it’s what she’s longed for, The Truth Seekers Programme. You know who you are, woman!

Don’t lose that thought…

Love to you…

PS. Here they are again…

Truth Seekers Sanctuary: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TruthSeekersSanctuary/

Truth Seekers Programme: http://daretobeyouuk.com/truth-seekers-programme/

Photo by Mark Gladding on Unsplash