What do I want to talk about today? I sat with a blank page. Blank inside too which, BTW, is sheer heaven especially after a 1000% full on week.

Usually I have one day a week where I do absolutely nothing but chill, read, snooze and watch things I want to watch and catch up on. Last week, for various reasons, I was on the go for seven days on the trot. And there could have been more ‘trot’ on Sunday but come day eight and my body and being went on strike.

When body and being go on strike there’s only one thing to do… SURRENDER!

So I have. And instead of a commentary on this crazy world or revelations on the road to Damascus, here’s some of my recent favourites you might have missed or enjoy reading again…

Have what you desire?


Manifestation and You! 

As I’m about to have a few days by the sea, I look forward to writing my next blog post for you fully charged and deliciously re-vitalised.

Have a gorgeous week lovely…

Love to you…

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Photo by Andrii Podilnyk on Unsplash