This is a crazy time of year. Some women are bumper to bumper in supermarkets with heaving trolleys. Some women are running around like headless chickens to finish their Christmas gift list… But not enough it seems with retail statistics going down the plug’ole.

Plus there are crazy games going on in parliament with a crucial vote delayed until late January. Is it me or is Theresa May looking more and more every day like Cruella de Ville? While Corbyn acts like a powerful leader but fools no one.


I like the origins of Christmas which the church hi-jacked to celebrate Christ’s birth. They were all about celebrating the Winter Solstice with feasting, merriment and light in the midst of bleak weather and short days. Well, in the northern hemisphere anyway.


As with all solstices, it’s a marking of what’s past, a marking of change and a marking of what’s to come.


At this time of year, three questions for you…

  1. What are you glad to leave behind?
  2. What change do you want to bring into your life?
  3. What’s the potential for your future?

No playing small. No censoring. The divine loves a big ‘ask’ and so do I.

So if you’ve undermined yourself with a crap answer or answers scrub them out. Answer again with the biggest, boldest and most delicious answers you can muster… even of what you’re glad to leave behind.

Write your answers to 2 and 3 in your journal EVERY DAY. What you focus on expands. It becomes what you create in your life consciously as well as unconsciously. You’re not only doing stuff to make your desires come true, you’re stimulating the Universe to send opportunities and people to help them come true too.

No freakin’ ineffective resolutions that fiddle and fart into thin air by February!

Opt for Grade ‘A’ Wild Elder wisdom-alchemy-womanly-witchery plus focused Will on your side and just watch your desires unfold in 2019…

Have a magical festive season and a richly fulfilling new year…

Love to you…

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