I’m scared. In fact, I’m not scared, I’m terrified. In my seventy-first year when some others are easing up or have eased up already I’m giving myself yet another challenge.

A voice in my head says, ‘Sharon… It’s time to rest on your laurels.’ At the same time, a push from my guts yells, ‘NOOOOOO! There’s shedloads more to be and do.’ And I know it.

Since I started my unique truth seekers path as a young woman, there’s been no looking back. Mine’s the way of the pioneer, the maverick, the priestess and empress; expansion and growth for my own greatest good and the greatest good of others.

If I learn something new of myself thirty seconds before I die, I’ll pass on with one freakin’ humongous EUREKA! That’s MY evolutionary path.

So, in the last five weeks or so, when I’ve been ill several times, I’ve got behind with creating The Wild Elder website. Ha! The anti-life gremlins just love it when you’re down, physically ill or depressed.

They fill you with doubts, fears, old shame, even the terrors as they’ve been doing with me. They rob you of confidence and self-assurance. Anything but anything to hold you back and keep you small.


Am I going to let the fear/terror stop me from being even more visible as the hotshit-courageous-wild-wise woman that I am? Am I going to let them stop me bringing eldership to the modern woman?

You bet your sweet arse I’m not!

Those anti-life gremlins always explode when you challenge yourself. When you push the boundaries of what’s possible. When you freakin’ expand as even more of the glorious woman you really are.

Thank you SO much for frightening the shits out of me, anti-life gremlins. AND I’m going ahead. A bit delayed but most definitely going ahead.


Love to you…

PS. Despite the delay, The Wild Elder website will be here real soon. So if you know one or two women who would benefit from who I am, what I say and what I do, please forward this to them. And encourage them to join our community here with my thanks.

Photo by ActionVance on Unsplash

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