Pharyngitis! A razor-sharp sore throat, a cracked voice and fatigue followed by a heavy-duty cold, hacking cough (still coughing) and more fatigue (still fatiguing). That was my festive season. From 20th December to now make 17 days as I write… deep joy!

Cause? I went a bit unconscious and did far too much in the six to eight weeks prior to Christmas. The stress would have compromised my immune system. But… WTF!

Just as I move into raising The Wild Elder vibes time, I get struck down. Voice useless and now continuing fatigue. Part of me is pissed off that my low energy hampers my creative splurging. Another part of me urges me to rest and recover.

What to do?

When making a choice to energise myself was ineffective, I really got that recovering from physical stuff does, in fact, take longer now I’m 70. And there’s other stuff in the mix re speaking out… Been there, seen that and got the T-shirt!


This morning I had a word with all parties concerned… personality body feelings mind and oomph. I Wild Eldered all of them with the result I’m energised to be typing away right now.

Moral of the story?

Pace your precious self well.

What might have you been overdoing or are about to overdo?

Ensure you diary in plenty of ‘me time.’

What things/people do you squeeze in to limit time for you?

Stay connected with your truth at all times!

What is your truth?

Even The Wild Elder can go off-piste sometimes. If I do it’s a no-brainer that you do too, woman… We’re both human beings and the anti-life gremlins love it when you feel down, depressed or are physically ill.

Their bony little hands rub with glee that they can get you when you’re vulnerable. They pull you down-and-distant from your truth and your passion for it. Your get-up-and-go and your oomph ooomphs off!

How might the anti-life gremlins be pulling you down right now?


I get it!

Part of the secret of recovery is to journal what’s happening to keep you from your truth just as I’ve done above. Let your unconscious conscious do write-it-out writing.

Doesn’t mean I’m miraculously energised physically. But, by working my way through, my spirits are joyfully lifted… And I’ve kicked those damn gremlins into touch.

Want to know how to do that too? Just drop me a line!

Love to you…

PS. Watch out for The Wild Elder expanding later this month… You’ll be the first to get news. And please forward this to one or two women you know who would benefit from reading my stuff… With my big thanks!

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Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

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