Decades ago I cared but really cared about what people thought of me. So needy of approval that I trussed myself up into the ‘respectable’ package I wrote about in my last blog post.

My website and way forward is totally soul called. Never in my life have I felt such deep affinity with what I’m being called to be and do.

On matters of design and content it was so easy to make decisions. That’s what happens when you’re aligned with your truth. It’s either a YES or a NO. No dithering, no weighing up pros and cons, no procrastinating. You just know!

So, when I got some feedback expressing concern at The Wild Elder’s lack of this or that or critical about my use of certain language, I could have doubted myself. I could have run for the hills, safety and the same-old-same-old mediocre middle.

Did I heck!

Today, I came across this legend…

‘You will be too much for some people… They aren’t your people!’

I am and… they aren’t!

Even now there are people for whom you’re their cup of tea and others for whom you’re not. So what’s new?

Staying true to you is what counts and if that’s what you’re doing, totally aligned with your truth, even if I didn’t agree, I’d be with you 100%.

So, for those of you who are my people and I’m yours, a head’s up that I’m arranging a small women’s gathering in central London one evening in mid May (date tba).

The first half is me speaking about ‘My Psychotherapy Secrets and Other Wonderful Things!’ You’ll be able to ask questions during that. The second half is totally yours. A chance to ask any questions you’ve ever wanted to ask about therapy, the work I do, your life, my life, the universe and beyond.

Details soon…

I remember not being voted for as class rep even though people said they would. I remember as a teenager not being accepted as part of ‘the gang.’ As a young woman I remember being judged as a single parent… even though it was the ‘swinging sixties!’ And, as a younger woman trying so hard to be ‘acceptable,’ I remember feeling I didn’t fit.

Too freakin’ right… I didn’t. Even then, although I felt hurt, there was a knowing somewhere deep inside that my truth wanted to take me in other directions.

So, gorgeous woman, if anything in you resonates with any of the above… Welcome, Welcome!

I’ll be delighted to meet you in May…

Love to you…

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PS. What other woman do you know who would love to receive my stuff? Please forward this to her and encourage her to join our community here with my big warm womanly thanks <3 …

Photo by pawel szvmanski on Unsplash

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