I’m so excited to invite you to this very special evening event celebrating my 71st birthday…

The Wild Elder doesn’t do things by half! You can read below or, for FULL details and to book your ticket, click here.

When women come together to work for their own and the greater good there’s nothing like it!

You will leave inspired, refreshed and rejuvenated taking away insights, tips and techniques to pep up your everyday life, your relationships and your work or career…. Not to mention the possibility of how to find your truth and live it! 

What you also get…

  • A goodie bag full of special offers and take-aways from some brilliant women entrepreneurs
  • The opportunity to network with a room full of superb women… NB Only superb women attend my events!
  • Three women who book before 12 March 2019 each win a cost-free 90 Minute Discovery Session with me worth £247! A special draw to be held on the night.

Here’s what one woman says about my speaking events…

‘Heart-warming, enlightening, gutsy and ball breaking. Sharon Eden is a wake-up call and a breath of fresh air.

She restores the rightful position of the Elder in our community as the powerhouse of wisdom, knowledge and lifetime guidance that is right there on our doorstep. Listening to her and accessing her experience is a delightful privilege.

With laser-sharp precision and a huge dose of love she sets you on your way. Above all, Sharon Eden fires you up and inspires you by her very presence to take life by the horns and just go for it.’

Frea O’Brien, The Prosperity Map


A whole evening of The Wild Elder and we women’s wisdom for just £32.03 plus VAT… 

What’s to say no to?

For full details and to book your ticket now…click here.

Love to you…

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