I want time off. I want to go unconscious and not be responsible for my behaviour. I want to go unconscious and to hell with the consequences.

It’s all too much!

I’m also fed up big time with having to deal with the world of matter. Things to be seen to like my garden fences need repair and painting. Food shopping to be done, relationships to be fed and watered, bills to be paid.

I want to be rescued!

I want the fairy story where a knight on a white charger whisks me away to happily-ever-after. O M G. If I’m going all Pollyanna happy-clappy on myself things MUST be bad…

And I suspect I’m not the only woman on earth, single or not, who doesn’t feel this way from time to time.

Stop the world… I want to get off!

I lean back into the firm hold of the chair, close my eyes and ask for guidance. HA! Back to the old default position of ‘Beam me up Scottie.’ I’d much rather be safe in the mother ship than be let loose on this crazy planet.

It’s all such freakin’ shite!

Just this week there was a UK report on children’s mental health. Roughly a third of those surveyed were suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. THAT WAS ME!

The conflictual craziness of our current environment from BREXIT to Venezuela, from Trump to Syria, from Parliament to political shenanigans of all kinds blah-blah-blah has brought me down. I feel like the powerless child I once was, desperate for escape.


Time to regroup. Time to create positive-incoming-energy-nourishment. Oh for a women’s circle and the delicious vibes of the divine mother ship. When we women are gathered together we enable each other’s nourishment, growth, healing, empowering, resting, loving, giving and receiving. 

Just fantasising about a women’s circle, my mood changes. The anti-life gremlins get a robust and swift kick-up-the-butt. They scurry away like drunken crabs in the face of divine and strong feminine energy.

What a delicious relief and release. AND…

You heard it first… Creating a small women’s circle is one of my desires as The Wild Elder; bringing eldership to the modern woman. And where better to create it than from the women who attend my Women’s Gathering to be held on the evening of 16th May?

So if you’d like to experience The Wise Elder way of divine feminine circle support, i.e. drawing on the divine feminine with two feet firmly on the ground, join me on 16 May as we’ll begin there…

Plus there’ll be goodies of all kinds… Only saying!

Here’s the link woman… A Women’s Gathering – My Psychotherapy Secrets and Other Wonderful Things!

How wonderful for you to be there…

Love to you…

PS. Why not send the link to women friends and turn it into one of the best nights out you could have…  That’s what I and the other women there will be doing! <3

Photo by Reid Zura on Unsplash

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