What the hell do I write?

That’s often the way I start a blog post. Feeling a bit creatively constipated.  I know that’s a defence mechanism from my ‘good girl’ so as not to be contentious, outrageous or, basically, me!

Tough shit, good girl…

Last week’s post ‘When a freakin’ box won’t do it!’ was there, tumbling out quicker than I could type. This week? Zilch. And, as I write, I understand why.

Freakin’ shock!

There’s an idea in chaos theory that a butterfly flapping its wings on one side of the planet could later cause a tornado on the other side. Only what’s been flapping hasn’t been a butterfly but yet another heinous massacre of innocent people by a shit-arse fanatic.

Sadly, I’ve got used to them here and in the USA, Middle East and Europe. The constant media coverage in some ways inures me to them. But this one has evoked in me pain and tears beyond pain and tears.

AND the extremist in me wants to subject the perpetrator to the vilest kinds of medieval torture until he cries out for mercy… which I won’t give him!

Very much in contrast to an elderly man whose wife had been killed. The gist of what he said was that he forgave the murderer. That some hurt in the murderer’s life that hadn’t been resolved must have led to his behaviour.

The elderly man went on to say he was praying for the murderer that he might be touched by God and so be transformed into a saviour.

This is the work I do every damn day, woman. Guiding myself and other women to heal inner wounds and access the highest in you. So liberating yourself from behaviours which cause you pain, let alone anyone else!

Becoming a saviour of yourself for yourself and so living a more peaceful and loving life…

That elderly man had it in one!

And I cry again, so touched by his enlightened and compassionate being…

At the end of a session, I usually ask the glorious women with whom I work, ‘What can you take away from today?’ When I reflect here on that for myself, it’s as clear as a bell.

I have evolutionary alchemic work to do on my own ‘extremist.’ You know. The one with medieval torture in mind.

To resolve whatever hurt and pain leads me to desire heinous revenge…  just as the Christchurch murderer did!

What about you?

Love to you…

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Photo by Nadine Shaabana on Unsplash

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