It’s International Women’s Day this Friday 8th March… and it’s leaving me cold. Shock… Horror… Expulsion from the Brownies!

Maybe I’ve just seen too many International Women’s Days and too many IWD themes. This year it’s the #BalanceforBetter campaign for gender balance in all spheres of life.

How do you work that one out when the UK population is roughly 51% females and 49% males? Surely that means we have to have a little bit more ‘female’ in all spheres of life to be representative and ‘balanced?’

Conceiving what that ‘little bit more female’ could look like has cheered me up no end!

For women to be still banging on about equality 118 years after the first IWD grates on me big time. Equal pay for equal work anyone?


I want women to be celebrated, appreciated and respected every day of the year particularly by celebrating YOURSELF as woman.

Who me? Never!

And as I read what I wrote, I want to go for a walk, get a glass of water, flick through Facebook, find something else ‘important’ to do. Anything but anything rather than celebrate what a freakin’ magnificent woman I am.


I can hear the old voices in my head to keep me small, insignificant and dismissive of myself AND IGNORE THEM. I CAN CHOOSE to be as big, bold and self-loving as my birthright as woman warrants.

You too!

I dare you to join me at my Women’s Gathering on the evening of 16th May to find out more and oh so celebrate you. Want more self-confidence? Want to feel as if your penny has dropped? Want to have more yum in your life?

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Love to you…

My only PS is to ask you to send my event link above to one or two women you know who would benefit from our ‘Women’s Gathering’ and ask them to join you. Big warm womanly thanks…

Remember to book before 12th March… only saying!

Photo by Giacomo Ferroni on Unsplash


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