I’m lost for words. A brilliant question and I’m lost for words!

So, what would I do if I wasn’t afraid?


I’d freakin’ do exactly what I’m doing now…


Who is absolutely no longer afraid!

Baffled sometimes by what goes on out there like the craziness we live in… and BREXIT… WTF? A heart full of love and the knowing of ages. Not same-old-same-old but you’ve probably already done same-old-same-old so why repeat something that only scratches the surface? Standing in my power even when I’m not because it gets to be organic… passionate!

Passionate about you not dying with a wasted life…

Passionate about you not feeling lost, unsettled or unsure or like a robot. Not feeling like a rudderless bobbing boat swept along by the sea with no say in the matter. Not searching for an anchor and finding those you grasp are illusions that don’t ultimately do the job.

Imagine how your life will be when you’ve found your truth, what you’re meant to be and do here. Imagine learning how to live your truth and express it purposely, meaningfully… whatever it is.

We’re not all meant to be a Mother Teresa or Florence Nightingale… though you might be!

Imagine how you will feel living with such self-confidence and appreciation you know what you’re worth and how to navigate and create the life you desire.

That might or might not look much different to your life right now. The whammy is, whatever the life you create, you will have chosen it rather than be allocated it!

Imagine finding the most magnificent anchor specifically designed for you. An anchor that holds you firm whatever the weather.

Now that I can guarantee!


Any issue can be resolved and lead to


One baby step at a time!

A recent client said to me… ‘We’ve only been talking and yet I’m sorting my relationship, feeling more confident day on day and I’m more ME.’

Well… There’s talking and then there’s TALKING!


The first three of you gorgeous women who send me an email will get 90 minutes intensive work with me at a whopping third discount. Usually £189 you get it for just £126!

Choose the issue to focus on and you’ll be amazed and delighted how far you get in just 90 minutes with my psychotherapy-alchemy-guiding. I don’t hang about!

If you want to explore what we’ll do beforehand, say so in your email and you’ll keep your place in the queue.

Send your email to sharon@thewildelder.com now.

Remember… only three of you will have the chance to sort your issue PLUS access SOUL ALCHEMY™

Click here to send me your email right now!

Love to you…

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Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

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