I recently gave a short presentation to a local political party on sexism. It was interactive and I encouraged them to self-reflect as sexist behaviour is unconsciously conditioned and unconsciously acted out… usually by men against women.

And I remembered being 16 at my first office party way back in the sixties. An unsavoury 40 odd married man pinned me up against a filing cabinet and tried to grope and kiss me.

Despite my vocal protestations, no-one, man or woman, came to my aid. It’s a shame to our gender that lots of women colluded with sexism and still do.

Somehow, and I don’t know how because he was physically stronger than me, I managed to whack him round the head.

It was one of those highly satisfying whacks where you can hear the ‘thwack’ as it makes contact. He released me immediately, slunk off holding his head and vehemently commenting, ‘You silly little girl!’

Although there were men and women partying close to me, again, no-one came to my aid in the aftermath.

For I had committed a cardinal sin. Even in the swinging sixties you were not supposed to make a fuss when treated disrespectfully as a sexual object. You were supposed to acquiesce to the will of a man…

W T F!

Although I got into all kinds of hot water around that time, I’m proud of sixteen year old me and her thwacking feistiness. It’s clear even then I had divine feminine cojones however generally under-used!

Thankfully, my feistiness grew over the years.

I remember my ex-husband telling me some 25 years ago to ‘go fuck yourself!’ I’m so so glad I had sufficient wit to swiftly riposte, ‘Well it’s a helluva lot better than fucking you!’ Because it was!

I’m feeling a bit weary of it all. But then I’m a bit below par, recovering as I am from a severe IBS flare up.

Just typed the above when I got the following comment to one of my posts on an online forum…

‘Well… Sharon… I’m less an up-for-it woman… More an up-for-it bloke! But I like to think that I’m in touch with my feminine side… Lol. Seriously though, as a trade union workplace representative, who specialises in Equality & Diversity concerns… I sincerely hope your initiative will help, support and empower many women who would be in need of your service!’


The more we women stand in our own power, the more we act as role models to expose and neutralise sexism by calling it out.

Powerful, articulate and magnificent women who aren’t putting up with that shit anymore!

Who’s with me?

Love to you…

PS… You’ll remember a few posts ago I said I was destroying my ‘What I offer page’ because I’d bought into the ‘neat boxes’ bullshit.  See what it says now!

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