On 23rd April I had a download. That’s when you get an idea, an answer to something or a clue about something that just arrives whoosh into your head. Like where the F did that come from?

It was about running a women’s gathering online. I went on Facebook Live without hesitation and talked about the idea even though the details hadn’t yet landed. Some women said YES!

April 24 I wrote a post in the evening asking people to sign up for it. And, bingo, within a couple of hours it was totally full. Another YES!

I surprised myself. I’ve never grabbed the bull by the horns like that before. Things have to be organised and worked out to the last detail.

Do they heck!

This has taught me things don’t have to be perfect to put them out. In fact, they were far from perfect, are only now forming more clearly and women still said YES.

I have the flow of Session 1. Nothing yet for Session 2 but I sense I’ll receive that once Session 1 ends.

Apologies for not putting the women’s gathering out here so you could have first dibs. When you get a download that insists you put it out like now, it has to be obeyed.


I could say because it was divinely inspired… which I believe it was. I could say because there was an urgency about it… which there was. I could say there wasn’t a minute to waste… which there wasn’t.


My six weekly women’s gathering begins 7.15 – 8.30 pm BST 2nd May next week. As they used to say way back when, ‘What a gas!’ An evolutionary journey for me and the 5 women I’ll be leading.

As I read what I’ve written so far, I realise this is yet another example of having that FREAKIN’ FAITH, the topic of my two last blog posts. Freakin’ faith and just do it!

WOW… The Universe really wants me to learn this and learn it well.

And I love not hesitating, not working everything out, not having to spend hours crafting marketing material or precisely planning every session. I love it love it love it!

I’ve got a feeling this might be my new modus operandi. So to be ahead of the game, come join me at https://www.facebook.com/sharoneden.biz

I just won’t know when the next download pops out!

Love to you…

PS. Do pass this on to one or two women who can benefit from my stuff. Warm thanks. Ooo it’s like pass the parcel… Pass it on!

Photo by Ethan Hu on Unsplash

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