Way back in the 1960s, my uncle’s business was failing badly and he had shedloads of debt. But he booked a summer holiday for his family at an Italian seaside resort.

My grandmother was scandalised he should do such a thing at such a time. His reply? ‘I owe so much, what’s another £1,000?’

As it turned out, they had a marvellous time. My aunt tells me it’s a holiday that the ‘boys,’ now in their sixties (!), refer to with fond memories even now.

My uncle got out of debt anyway.

When I began training as a psychotherapist in the early eighties you could only do that in the private sector… And it cost big time!

The first section was for three years… and I didn’t have the money.

Then there was a year of work under strict supervision and only if you passed all the criteria could you apply for the next three years.

Another three years advanced therapy course… and I still didn’t have the money.

I graduated as a psychotherapist anyway.

W T F!

How did my uncle do what he did and how did I do what I did?


Freakin’ faith that the thing I’m doing is absolutely in line with my truth and what I’m here on earth to manifest and all will be well… Whatever!

‘Well, it’s alright for you, Sharon, I’ve got this responsibility and that responsibility and I can’t do XYZ because I don’t have the money.’

I know, I know. Remember last week’s post ‘I’m fighting for you!’ all about me being broken and terrified that my kids and I would end up on the streets?

And did we? Hell NO!

There’s a gorgeous Arab saying… ‘Trust in Allah AND tie up your donkey.’

My version?

Have MAHOOSIVE FAITH that the universe and the divine has your back, focus on what you desire like it’s a freakin’ burning bush and DO SOMETHING!

Pre-remember what you desire every day in glorious technicolour. See it, hear it, smell it, taste it, touch it and FEEL IT like NOW. And do something, however small, in the direction of what you desire to let the divine know you’re ready for a leg up.

And how do you do that?

You just begin…

Here I am at nearly 71 having moved into my next incarnation as The Wild Elder®. I’ve said goodbye to one way of earning my living (shit oh shit!) and welcomed in a more expanded way. A way even more aligned with my truth and mission on earth right now…

…PLUS a lorry load of FREAKIN’ FAITH and ready for a leg up!

Love to you…

PS. If you know a woman who needs a leg up and doesn’t know how to get it, please refer her to me. My psychotherapy-alchemic-guiding approach is the business. No messing about. No bullshit. Just powerful work collaborating with your soul’s original design… Refer her to me now!

Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

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