The divine feminine is great for receiving, collaborating and holding. But I just love her dark ballsy-not-putting-up-with-shit-for-anyone side!

Her fierce no BS approach and ability to speak truth with such blunt honesty can scare you and have you running for the hills. But she’s the exact place of your divine feminine cojones, woman…

The place of your Courage and Will.

Google ‘the dark side of the divine feminine’ and you get a whole load of shit about the ‘distorted’ or ‘negative’ feminine. Do I hear patriarchy at work?

If you scroll down far enough, you’ll come to her personified in goddess myths.

Now you’re cooking!

So here’s three of my favourites…


Sophia… She’s traditionally seen as embodying Wisdom and sometimes known as the feminine aspect of the divine. However, she’s no passive do-gooder. She’s got shedloads of energy, power and resources.

Respect her and you’ll prosper. Pay no attention to her wisdom and disrespect her… Expect trouble big time!

Lilith… It’s said that Lilith was Adam’s first wife created as God created Adam. No being made from one of his ribs for her!

Adam complained she wouldn’t lie beneath him and of her not obeying his commands and being brighter and stronger than him.

In consequence, she was expelled from the Garden of Eden.

In brief… he got rid of her.

Where have you heard that story before?

If that wasn’t enough, she was demonised. It’s said she consorted with demons, made men have wet dreams and ate babies.

Now the content might be off but I bet my sweet arse there’s a feisty woman or two out there who oh so recognises the theme!

Kali… She’s the destroyer of evil forces and is often depicted in a blood curdling way. A female figure destroying what’s rotten to leave space for the new, how else would she be depicted?

Delightfully, she’s often associated with sexuality and violence but is also thought of as a strong mother-figure (defending her cubs to the last?) and symbolic of motherly love.

She embodies feminine energy, creativity and fertility.

I’ll have some of that!


Powerful, powerful divine feminine figures who symbolise ‘Don’t F with me!’ who have the courage to speak and live their truth.

Now that’s what I call the divine feminine’s dark side!

You know you’re not all love and light or ‘good girl’ even though you might have been trained that way.

To reclaim your power and live your truth, you’ve got to damn well reclaim your divine feminine AND her dark side.

Not out there somewhere in the galaxy but deep inside you.

End of!

Love to you…

PS. Forward this to a woman you know who’ll benefit from reading my stuff. No prevaricating. No, ‘I’ll do it in a minute.’ Her life’s too precious to waste. Just do it!

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

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