I was studying for a degree, working part-time, marriage on the rocks and terrified!

That’s me twenty-five years ago when my ex-husband’s new business failed badly.

We both became headless chickens.

The hopelessness, anxiety and terror churned my guts. I wanted to be sick all the time for months and months fearing we and our two children would end up on the streets.

I fed a family of four on the equivalent of £5 today; vegetable stews, pasta, bread and cheese, apples from our garden. Had food banks been around, believe me, I would have been their first customer!

And then?

The idea plopped into my head early one morning of selling stuff from our house that we hadn’t used for at least a year. Bingo!

With hindsight, I can see the idea was a blessed divine download…

I did the first boot sale and made £120; about £380 in today’s money.

My ex took over and, although we didn’t make as much again, selling our own and friends’ unwanted stuff just about saw us through to downsizing. No savings but no debts either. Phew!

That time popped in my Morning Practice when I asked guidance about my current ‘not good news’ event.

Only now, thanks to my practice, I don’t have to wait months and months for accidental downloads or guidance!

Reminded comfortingly of my resilience and creativity despite the terror, today’s guidance gave me several things including…

Show up, show up as beautiful you! (I’m aware of what that means…)

And to use my ‘unstoppable life force’ to find ways around my ‘not good news’ life change. (I’m aware of what that means too…)

No freakin’ hopelessness. No freakin’ anxiety. No freakin’ terror.

Just a deep knowing I’VE GOT THIS and all will be ultimately well.

A Morning Practice helps you consciously create your life rather than react to it as I did all those years ago.

A Morning Practice helps you be the mistress of your life whatever happens.

Morning Practice Magic!

A Special Online Session

Tuesday 28th May 7.15 to 8.30pm BST.

Details soon… Let me know you’re up for it!

Love to you…

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Photo by Niklas Hamann on Unsplash

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