I keep starting to write this ‘politely.’ Even now I’m dogged by that ‘good girl’ who squiggled herself into curlicues and fandangos in an attempt to be loved and respectable.

What a waste of time!

That only brought me a living death where my wildness, my passion, my outrageousness, my non-conforming self, my maverick, my priestess, my Empress and ALL the delicious fertile parts of me had to be locked away.

Denied their birthright in the effort to be approved of and belong to someone, some thing… any one, anything.

What a waste of time!

But then I didn’t have a woman around like me who could say BULLSHIT and GRAB YOUR DIVINE FEMININE COJONES and FIND YOUR TRUTH AND LIVE IT!

So I suffered. Years and years of putting on the polite, respectable, good girl face. No wonder I was depressed so much… because WHO I AM WAS FREAKIN’ DE-PRESSED!

A woman asked me recently if there had been a woman around like me way back then would I have listened to her.


It could have taken years off the time I spent liberating myself.

I was desperate for an elder to guide me. And there wasn’t one. So, starting with my psychotherapy training where you had to be in therapy and work on yourself, I began to liberate myself bit by bit.


It would have been so much easier if there’d been an elder like me with her hand on my back.

A woman who cut through the crap and showed me stuff as it was.

A woman who taught me how to make choices and live a life aligned with my values, integrity and truth.

A woman who showed me that all the above didn’t necessarily mean I had to change everything in my life. Just the way I lived it.

And, when I look back, I see how crucial it was for me to learn all that I have the hard way, the better to become #TheWildElder who’s totally available for you right now…


My six weeks women’s gathering online has started magnificently. I’m doing a Facebook Live or Zoom call (not yet made up my mind which) on the evening of 21st May all about The Morning Practice.

Women have asked to be on a waiting list for both. So do grab your space by sending me an email now.

PS. If you know a woman who’s troubled in the ways I’ve talked about here, please pass this on and encourage her to contact me asap. Warm thanks from us both…

Photo by Dikaseva on Unsplash

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