I feel a bit despondent. I’ve read too many of those long posts on social media designed to break your will to live and sign up.

For what?

Whatever that particular guru is peddling.

And I’m despondent because so many women do.

They’re dazzled by the rags to riches, breakdown to riches and I-have-the-secret posts.

What those women don’t know is the way that guru made his/her riches is not necessarily the way for them. We all have our journeys to travel.

AND I’m feeling despondent because I can’t do that shit!

It offends my soul.

Yet it works so wonderfully.

I remember a hard up colleague buying a sales letter from a business guru. It was advertised as the formula he used to get rich. It cost her £1,000. One thousand freakin’ pounds for a sales letter!

His long spiel suggested if it worked for him it would work for her.

Did it?

Hell no…

Reasons why not include selling his sales letter for £1,000 each was probably how he made his freakin’ fortune in the first place!

The dark side of my divine feminine is revving up wonderfully. How dare those gurus exploit the vulnerability of so many superb women?

Because they damn well can!

I’ve been there too. I once paid £4,000 for a business course which only taught me how I didn’t want to do business. I once paid a female PR guru many thousands more and got diddly-squat out of it.


So where does that leave me?

How can I encourage you to sign up for my six week online Women’s Gathering if I don’t do the guru thing? Well…

The Women’s Gathering is mixture of women’s circle and master mind group. You choose what you desire to change in your life in session one. By session six you’ve achieved it.

Doesn’t sound very sexy, does it?

But how about some clarity, greater self-awareness and appreciation?

‘A larger vision of myself, what I want as opposed to what I think I want/ “should” want,’ one woman said she’d achieved.

Unsure she’d get what she desired when we began, her writing had dried up long ago and nothing she’d tried had cleared the block. She didn’t expect the Women’s Gathering to be any different.

Guess who’s now deliciously writing a book.

Block? What block?

Another woman is de-cluttering her home. Another’s creating visual art. Another has manifested more clients for her business.

Oh yes! I forgot to mention I teach you how to manifest what you desire. Alchemic magic works every time.

None of this might sound as sexy as making you $1,000,000 but you know what? It’s pure gold.

In only six weeks?

One woman said, ‘Sharon Eden is a very astute facilitator. It’s amazing how much one can get done in 6 weeks with guidance.’

You bet your sweet arse it is!

The next evening Women’s Gathering starts online 9 July. Six sessions plus a bonus Accountability Session. Places for five up-for-it women ONLY.

Email to register your interest now.

Alternatively, I could send you a long guru sales letter!

Love to you…

PS. First come first served. And while you’re about it, please pass this onto a woman you know will benefit from my stuff. Warm thanks…

Photo by Wei Ding on Unsplash

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