So it’s Boris or Jeremy, goddess deliver us!

This is my last day in Kefalonia. I fly back tomorrow. And my mind has turned toward home and the conservatives’ leadership contest.

I wrote in ‘Not quite a bloodbath but almost!’ about the injustice of over 140,000 mainly over 55 years old males, i.e. conservative party members, deciding who becomes our new Prime Minister. So I won’t go there again.

But W T F!

Where are the Winston Churchills or the Barbara Castles? Where are the Paddy Ashdowns or the Mo Mowlems?

Freakin’ nowhere!

And if you don’t know who these people were, google them. Read, learn and appreciate some of the political giants of my age even if they’re not of yours!

Whatever your political persuasion, can you honestly tell me you are looking forward to either man becoming your Prime Minister?

Boris the buffoon, who swings with prevailing winds and got away with boorish and unprofessional behaviour as Mayor of London but not as Foreign Secretary. The man whose clumsy gaff about Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe gave credence to Iran’s rationale for imprisoning her.

Or Jeremy the BBC and NHS axeman. Who can forget the junior doctors’ battle and the imposition of their controversial and destructive contract?

Leadership of people is a sacred calling. All over the world, currently, there’s a lack of people of calibre who appreciate that divine role.

O for a Mahatma Ghandi or a Nelson Mandela!

That’s not to say there are no women or men of calibre in politics. Just not those who did or could put themselves forward in this Prime Ministerial contest.

The issue has inflamed my heart and soul.

Within the mystical teachings of Judaism, there’s a belief that there exist 36 humble and righteous people. Their only role in life is to justify the purpose of humankind in the eyes of the divine.

They intercede when human kind’s behaviour is so abominable as to risk annihilation. They show there is still goodness and integrity amongst us and sway the divine from destroying our species.

Maybe I’m just yearning for one of them to be our new leader…

Love to you…

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