I recently fell upon the phrase ‘sharpen each other.’ It means to have the courage, empathy and sisterhood to help another woman if she gets in her own way.

And, oh divine feminine, do we women get in our own way!

I adore the sharpening in my online Women’s Gathering. That’s part of what makes it such a shit-hot enriching and successful group. More of that later.

Sharpening each other is lovingly calling a woman out…

when she’s kidding herself,

when she’s not being who she potentially can be,

when she’s letting others needs come before her own,

when she’s not living up to the greatness in her,

when she’s undermining herself or letting others do it.

You get the gist?

The woman you’re sharpening might not like it. You might not like it if done to you.

What the hell!

If you don’t like it step right out of my kitchen. The coffee pot’s only on for courageous up-for-it women who want to achieve what they desire!

For when sharpening each other comes from a place of love, there’s nothing not to like or to take offence at. It says, ‘I see you in your magnificence, woman, and how you’re behaving doesn’t cut it!’


For example…

I’m working with a few women who have narcissistic partners.

Hell on two wheels!

It’s all about coercive control. And, yes, hooray, it’s now a criminal offence. Trouble is narcissists can be charming to others, including the authorities, so it takes some slam-damn evidence gathering to catch them out.

BUT catch them out you will!

Anyhow, because you’re always waiting for the times when they’ll be lovely with you, you’re like a rat in an experiment. You constantly press the lever that delivers food because you don’t know when ‘lovely food’ might happen.


So when a woman asked me the ‘why’ question… Why do I stay with him? Why can’t I leave him? I simply said…

‘Because you’re an addict!’

That was a sharpening for her. That was telling her how she gets in her own way.

As she never knows when the sporadic ‘lovely guy’ will arrive, she keeps pressing the lever of trying to please/appease him… just in case!

That’s freakin’ addiction.

And it doesn’t even work!


So what’s your addiction?

And where do you need sharpening, woman?

Love to you…

PS.  “Working with Sharon in her 6 week program has been a lifesaver. I lost my partner in January and needed support in dealing with my aging (I’m 75) now that I’m alone. After one week, I was able to see clearly that I could let go of this issue, accept it and move on. And in the weeks that followed I gained my confidence back and started setting goals for my new life. Sharon is an amazing coach and teacher — don’t miss the opportunity to work with her.”
Kat Tansey – Author, Educator, Change Agent. USA

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Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

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