I feel so angry.

When I closed my desktop last night it had an ‘update and shut down’ sign which I clicked as normal, thinking nothing of it. This morning I opened up to an updated Windows system without Outlook without Dropbox without Word without my existing passwords, information etc. etc. etc.

Totally wiped!

How dare they?

I feel the powerlessness of a child who was done to. Her terrified rabbit caught in the headlights. Her legs buckling under her.


This is not what I want to write about.

I’ve had it with powerlessness.

While I haven’t backed up my desktop for as long as I can remember… mea culpa … I do have some hard copy records and a great IT Wizard.

This can be sorted. Not perfectly but good enough!

I breathe more slowly, soothe my child, grab my divine feminine cojones and stand in my power as a woman again.

Thrown for a few minutes that seemed like hours… Now back again.

And I cry.

I cry for the powerless child, the powerless teenager and the powerless young woman I was. Alone with my toddler son in my-finger-tips-on-the-edge-of-a-cliff situation day after day.

That’s heavy duty shit next to which, in the great scheme of things, a computer fuck-up pales into insignificance!

It’s a puky cliché but if only I’d known then what I know now. If only I’d known how to manifest what I desired…


The ‘if onlys’ make you disappear with shedloads of regret right up your you-know-what.


And right now I can manifest Chris, my IT star, AND as the system’s about 12 years old it might be time to manifest a new one instead. Or not…

I’ll choose.     

Now that’s liberation!

Love to you…

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