Where do I start women?

In fact, I’m lost for words.

I’ve recently experienced first-hand bullying tactics in local politics not only by men but by an angry woman too.

W T F!

There’s so much derision, undermining and pure freakin’ fury going on in our culture. So much Grade A unconsciousness, egotism, downright lies, chaos and disgraceful behaviour.

And the divine feminine is nowhere to be seen. Can you blame her?


I saw the divine feminine in Amber Rudd’s leaving the government and her party. It was one of integrity and honour. I’ve also seen integrity and honour from some of those chucked out for rebelling too.

What sheer hypocrisy when ‘our leader’ rebelled against the previous prime minister several times.

And don’t even get me started on the Opposition…

It’s at such times that good people throw up their hands in despair and head for the hills. If only we could.

Breathe Sharon… Breathe!

I sit still and quieten. I close my eyes and tune into my own divine feminine. There’s a knowing about her. She sees, she hears, she senses and she’s biding her time. For what I don’t know.

Make no mistake. When the divine feminine is disrespected… and boy is she being disrespected… she will wreak havoc. But, hey, maybe that’s what’s going on now?

Often behaviours get exaggerated in the process of dying. So maybe we’re seeing the death throes of old ways of being as they mangle each other out of existence…

If it is death throes, I feel comforted. This is the beginning of the clean out. And you and I have the chance to create more of what we desire, woman.

By your thoughts, by your energy, by your actions. By how you behave with other human beings, other sentient beings and towards our world.

By how you bring the divine feminine into play in all that you are and all that you do and replace the current chauvinistic and macho god of war.

Come the revolution!

Which, of course, just might be beginning right now…

Love to you…


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Photo by Hasan Almasi on Unsplash

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