My heart’s breaking.

As I sit at my laptop that’s what comes straight into my head.

What’s my heart breaking about?

Brexit, poverty, famine, war, torture, child neglect and abuse, the earth being raped, global warming, ignorance… Oh how my heart breaks at ignorance…

Decades and decades ago I discovered there was a part of my personality that carried the pain of the world.

And you know what?

You can’t survive if you identify with that. It overwhelms you. It’s crushing. It decimates you.

And right now I’m feeling it because…???

Come on Sharon. What the hell’s going on in your process right now?

I’m feeling it because I’ve forgotten how it is to be crippled by the pain of the world…

Nope! That’s a bit of bloody blarney. Thank you bullshitter for giving me an answer that’s a load of hoo-hah; a red herring to get me off the scent.

I sit, eyes closed, and then I feel my fragility, my vulnerability… and cry.

I’ve so much to offer. So much seen and heard, so much experienced, so much learned.

And now, with the rise of extremes, both left and right, my heart breaks for the heaven on earth we could create and don’t.

My heart breaks for the growing chauvinistic to-hell-with-the-rest-of-you patriotism.

Another part of me asks…

‘Would you like to cut your throat now or later?’

I laugh and, like a light bulb popping, I reconnect with my fighter, my spirit, my resilience, my it’s-so-freakin-good-to-be-alive!

Jeeez, the anti-life gremlins certainly had me there for a minute.

All of what my heart breaks over is true. And it’s a reminder for me to stay vital and do what I can do for the greater good in my own circle of influence.

In my work, socially and in local politics.

How about you?

Love to you…


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Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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