‘I don’t know what it is,’ said the teenager, ’but I feel as if I don’t fit.’

‘Don’t worry,’ said her mother. ‘That will all go once you go to uni/get a good job/find a boyfriend.’

It didn’t…

‘There’s something missing,’ said the young woman. ‘Can’t put my finger on it but something’s definitely missing.’

‘Don’t worry,’ said her friend. ‘That will change once you get that promotion/live with that boyfriend/move to that new flat.’

It didn’t…

‘I do love him,’ said the mid-thirties woman, ’but somehow things just aren’t enough and I don’t know what is!’

Don’t worry,’ said her cousin. ‘Having a baby can make you feel unsettled. You’ll be fine once you stop breastfeeding/get back to work/move to that house you’re buying.’

She didn’t…

‘I feel so selfish,’ said the mid-forties to mid-fifties woman. ‘We’re settled, nice family, nice house, decent job. I just want more and it’s not more of this!’

‘Don’t worry,’ said her colleague-friend. ‘We all go through this. You’ll feel so much better after the menopause/the kids go to uni/you take that luxury holiday.’

She didn’t…

‘I feel so disconnected,’ said the sixties to seventies woman. ‘Even if I knew what would fill this hole, I’m too old to start again.’

‘Don’t worry,’ said her GP. ‘It’s not unusual to feel like this when you have depression. It’ll get better when you take these pills/join that singles club/see the grandchildren.’

It didn’t…

‘That’s it,’ said the eighties to nineties terminal woman. ‘What a waste of a life!’

And it was…

Because she’d never pursued that not fitting, something’s missing, not enough-ness, wanting more and feeling disconnected… She’d never explored that hole inside.

All of them clues from her soul to find her essential self and its magnificent desires for her and her life.

Because her mother, her friend, her cousin, her colleague-friend and GP had no idea these symptoms were her soul calling… no… yelling out to her COME FIND ME.

Because her pacifiers had pushed away their own soul’s yearning… too dangerous, don’t upset the apple cart, it’ll only mean trouble… through the power of their conditioning.

Or that their repression was so complete, it felt like their soul didn’t stand a chance!

Your soul’s always calling to you one way or another in my book. Its heart’s desire is for you to be the magnificent woman you really are rather than who you were trained to be.

I’m not like your pacifiers. I listened to my own soul and found myself. And over thirty plus years I’ve listened to other women’s souls and inspired them to become who they were called to be; who they were meant to be.

Having confidence, proud of yourself, standing in your power… A woman of worth expressing your gifts and talents for the greater good of yourself, those you love and the world in which you live.


Can you afford to ignore your preciousness for even one second more?

Love to you…

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Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

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