There are times when I’m lost for words, that I can’t find vocabulary large enough and magnificent enough to describe my desire for you.

And now I’m censoring myself. Telling myself you don’t really want to know about the pain of separation from who you really are.

You don’t really want to know about manifesting your desires when putting bread on the table, surviving your work environment and the cost of living are your main concerns.

Yet feeing joined up, knowing you can be the creator of your life AND doing it enthuses you, gives you vitality and freedom feelings. Living in faith that you are held, loved and provided for eliminates worry and struggle.

In fact, all the above are a no brainer!

And I don’t mean a happy-clappy-fantasy-ever-after, riding off into the sunset on a white stallion kind of crap…

I mean being fully engaged with your life, standing in your own power as a pro-active woman and creator.

Decades ago, living in a relationship and doing a job too small for me, I didn’t know how life could be. I thought drudgery and no fulfilment were what grown up life was.

No wonder I had regular episodes of depression. No wonder I felt lost and without direction. Existing rather than living.

It all came as a great disappointment to a child who dared to hope being grown up would be a million times better than her unhappy childhood.

And you know what?

You don’t have to have a childhood like mine to feel that way.

So many women wake up one day and think, ‘Is this it?’


Your people could only teach you what they knew. Even if they got a glimpse of those yummy experiences I write of above, they were too scared to be ‘different’ from the tribal herd and do anything about it.

And they weren’t going to tell you about their glimpse of something better were they, woman? Just in case you had the divine feminine cojones to leave them behind, put your wings on and fly.

W T F !

I make it sound like a done deal but it never is. Time and time again you’ll get a glimpse of something better, an opportunity that scares the poo out of you and at least a second or so deep connection.

That’s because your soul never gives up on you. It keeps on calling you back to your magnificence and what you’re meant to be being/doing in your precious life right now.

Grab it… Take it…

Love to you…


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Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash