So here I am beginning a new journey.

You’d think at 71 that I’d be winding down, enjoying the ends of journeys rather than their beginnings.

Winding down? Am I heck!

While there’s life, there’s passion, the joy of learning and growing personally and spiritually, enthusiasm and a WTF! As Dan Cook, an American sports commentator, once said, ‘It ain’t over until the fat lady sings.’

And she’s not about to do that for a few decades at least!

So you’ll understand how it breaks my heart to see women of my own age and even younger who are not just wasting their lives but actually wasting away.

How come?

Through a myriad of issues. Anxiety, depression, feeling not good enough, broken hearted, feeling a fraud, life-changes, feeling ashamed, low self-esteem etcetera etcetera… and fear.


At the bottom of all the wasting issues there’s always fear.

The positive stinking cutesy sayings around fear piss me off. Like FEAR is False Emotion Appearing Real!

You tell that to a woman who’s consumed by fear.

You tell that to a woman who fears she can’t succeed or achieve or will look a fool or will be disappointed in herself or will be ridiculed.

It’s bullshit!

Fear and its partner anxiety are a whole body experience which rob you of the magnificent, talented and able woman you really are.

Once I was fearful of taking exams and self-sabotaged myself because of it. I was fearful of stretching myself in any way. I was fearful of saying NO. I was fearful of not being liked or loved. I was fearful of being found out a fraud… and a whole bunch of other fears too.

Until it got far too freakin’ painful to live as I was. And, through breakdown, I had to do something about it.


YOU CAN zap your shitty core beliefs and create new liberating ones. You can celebrate your divine feminine and transform your womanhood. You can neutralise those anti-life feelings of anxiety and fear AND replace them with inner confidence and a deep sense of all-is-well.

Then you too will begin new journeys whatever your age!

Love to you…

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Photo by Joshua Coleman on Unsplash

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