What am I fired up about?


You busting a gut because, as hard as you try, life’s just not cutting it for you.

You’ve probably done things you were trained to do for a ‘happy’ life but they’ve not cut it either. You can’t see what’s missing or why you aren’t happy with where you’re at EVEN if other people think you’ve got it made.

You feel unsettled, frustrated or just downright fed up! Sometimes you might even feel depressed or have a gut wrenching anxiety and not know why.

In my thirties I played suburban wife and mother with the semi-detached and countryside round the corner. I had stability and respectability.

I was even Chair of a large parents association… How’s that for brownie points and respectability?

But I was dying inside.

I won’t ever pretend that the circumstances of your life aren’t important.

As a once single parent who couldn’t afford to buy lunch or even bring it to work during the week, I know the value of a warm roof over your head, good clothes on your back and good food in your belly.

And then what?

Are we meant to settle for that, see our time out and then die?

If you’ve subscribed to my stuff, you known damn well that’s not the case. You know damn well there’s something in you that yearns for more than mere existence.

I began to wake up in my thirties and by my forties was outta there. Au Revoir to being someone I really wasn’t.

By then I’d trained as a psychotherapist. Although I didn’t have the money for the long private sector course, a good dose of trust in the Universe rewarded me with a profession and work I loved.

Similarly, when I moved into my post-marital home with my daughter I wasn’t sure I could pay the mortgage… but I did.

Can’t afford it?

I couldn’t afford not to afford it!

I couldn’t afford not to invest in me, my life and wellbeing.

The Universe came up trumps to support me every time I needed it. An unexpected opportunity. A meeting. A billboard slogan that gave me an idea.

Oh yes… I had the divine feminine cojones to engage with what came my way AND, before I even knew what it meant, I was manifesting what I desired in my new home, my work and my life.

Freakin’ freedom!

Now I’m The Wild Elder with over 30 successful professional years and an MA in the field; expertise, knowledge and wisdom.  I adore that, as psychotherapist-alchemist-guide, I now inspire and show other women how to find what’s missing for them and how to manifest it!

What’s awesome is you already have in you what you desire and what it takes to make it happen.

Whether you know that or not is neither here nor there. It’s enough I know you’ve more than got what it takes, including the cojones, to access all that lusciousness in you.

Am I happy?

You bet your sweet arse I’m happy!

My life has its ups and downs just like yours. And, at the same time, I’ve an underlying stream of happiness and knowing all will be well… whatever happens.

You can have that too…

Love to you…

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Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash