I’m not firing on all cylinders today.  Can feel something inside me wanting to explode on the paper and, hard as I try, it won’t express. The clue to its reluctance is in the ‘hard’ and the ‘try.’

As long in the tooth as I am, I’m not immune to old ‘stuff’ tripping me up.

So I soften.

First I relax my gaze and the crow’s feet unwind as does my up until now determined forehead. I stretch and shoulders and back sigh with relief. In fact my whole body says, ‘Thank you thank you Sharon.’

All that ‘trying’ is such hard work and gets you nowhere.

Remember ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again?’


I think it was Einstein who said to keep repeating the same behaviour in an attempt to solve the same problem is insanity.

Bit like Theresa May and her Brexit deal. If it failed first time around what on earth made her think it would go past the post on her second or third ‘try?’

Back to me.

I close my eyes, soften more and breathe…

Ah… I get it!

I recently lost a friend whom I’ve known for over thirty years. She and her husband were retiring to another country and she dumped me. No notice. No explanation. Dumped!

W T F was that about?

I’ve been growing shed-loads over the past year and intend to grow even more in the year ahead. Watch out for supersonic… The Wild Elder launching any time now!

At such times you need to be with others who are growing themselves too. A community of women who’ll support, challenge and inspire you, just as you support, challenge and inspire them.

AND… as you love them, they love you.

What’s this got to do with the ex-friend who dumped me?

Although I was at first perplexed and then sad to have our long relationship end that way, reality is her energy and my energy no longer matched. The love had clearly gone.

As my son so wisely says, ‘It is what it is, Mum.’

And so it is!

Love to you…

PS I’m also growing my private Facebook group and I’d love you to choose which of the five new names for it you prefer. Go to my HELP!!! Post on my personal profile and comment there…

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash