I’ve started this blog post three times. And each time it feels as if I’m blocking myself in the ‘saying-it-how-it-is’ department.

Here’s the beginning of my third attempt…


‘Women responded to my last blog post telling me it spoke to them of their own experiences…  My heart went out to them.

Especially the women who weren’t ready to do anything about their inner disconnection, their something’s missing, their desire for more, their hole inside. The women who ignored their soul calling.

Those freakin’ fears that hold you back!


If I change ‘they’ might not like me, love me, want me.

Or, perhaps, you’ll shine the light for them to follow your footsteps?

I might open up a can of worms.

Like the restlessness and anxiety wriggling in your gut isn’t itself a can of worms?

I’ll wait until…

Hell freezes over?’


Then I stopped aware I’d begun to worry about what people thought of me. Perhaps I was being too ‘in-yer-face.’ The old voice designed to dumb me down, dim my light, was at work again.

I gave it a freakin’ whack where the sun don’t shine and yelled, ‘I don’t care. If being in-yer-face is how I help some women wake up, that’s what the fuck I’ll do!’

And then I cried.

The salty-hot and sobby tears of a woman so desperately unhappy without the slightest shred of an idea why. Or, even worse perhaps, without the slightest shred of an idea how to remedy her situation.

My chest heaves as I type those words… the long and stuttering gasps of air punctuating sobs cried over many years.

What I would have given for a woman like me way back then!


If a freakin’ fear is holding you back, I’ve been there. If a freakin’ fear is holding you back, I’m here now.

And I’m passionately-skilfully-professionally able to hold you and guide you in re-connecting, finding what’s missing and the more you desire as well as filling that hole.

Your life’s too precious to waste even one second more.

What do you think?

Love to you…

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Photo by Ashton Bingham on Unsplash