Last week I did a Facebook LIVE in my private group Wild Courageous Women. It took me three attempts. Admittedly I had connectivity problems and ended up going LIVE on my mobile instead of my laptop.

But that wasn’t the real reason I fumbled and bumbled. By the third go I realised it was anxiety about showing my new baby to the world!

Not a real one obviously. If it were at my age I’d be retiring on the proceeds of selling my story to the tabloids world-wide.

My new baby was from a recent ‘download.’ That’s when you get an idea-cum-phrase-cum-thought-cum-image that just kinda plops into your mind. It’s usually innovative and/or deeply meaningful for you even though you might not logically know what it’s about when you first get it.

Now I yawn and yawn and yawn. Fire away defence system. Do your worst. You can make me feel as sleepy as you like AND I’m not gonna stop writing about my new baby.

So there!

My LIVE was called The Lowdown on Your Wild Soul and Three Ways it Helps You Rock! To see my 23 minute video join my Wild Courageous Women group right here.


How many times have you had a ‘download’ that’s made you feel so excited only to have a bucket of cold water thrown over it either by inside or outside voices?

‘That won’t work!’ ‘Who do you think you are?’ ‘I can’t do this!’ ‘People will think I’m odd/crazy/an idiot if I did this.’ And so on. All designed to suppress and repress your genius aka shove into oblivion your not-same-old-same-old idea.

Why the feck would you do that?

It will make you stand out from the tribe which is not a good thing. You might be too noticeable and be easy prey for wild animals to eat or, even further back, get swooped on and taken away by a Pterodactyl.

Plus systems always push to maintain the status quo. So, don’t go out on a limb (dangerous) or be different from us (fear of their own unexpressed potential) or shine more than I do (jealousy).

In addition to, of course, your own fears about failure and/or success.

So you let the download go and your idea melts into the recesses of your unconscious mind never to see the light of day again.


How any of us create anything out of the ordinary is a downright miracle…

AND a credit to your Wild Soul whose energy urges you on despite the odds… A credit to your Wild Soul that always but always conquers all!

Love to you…


PS Fuel up your own Wild Soul and Courageous Woman, learn how to be her and, at the same time, get the first taste of my downloads, videos and offers. What’s there to say no to? Apply here!


Photo by Sarah Cervantes on Unsplash

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