I’m all over the place today. It’s past noon and I’ve done everything but everything rather than that which I’d planned for this morning.

I can see my internal four year old scowling with hands on hips and a very truculent vibe!

What she desires is to not be trussed up doing grown up things. She wants to play, have fun, run wild and free and definitely not to be wearing that fifties girl’s fitted coat and bonnet.

Too tight. Too fussy. Designed to imprison a girl child…

Oh yes… I get it!

Problems with an organisation paying on time. My domestic accounts needing attention. There’s stuff in local politics with which I’m grappling. Even sitting down to write my blog post… which I love… felt too much grown up stuff this morning. Too much ‘have to!’

So what do you desire little one?

Another scowl… I just told you cloth ears!

Excuse me…

Well at least she can express to grown up me the frustration and anger she couldn’t express back then when her very being was under assault.

So I close my eyes and, in my imagination, divest her of that restraining coat and bonnet.


She runs. She somersaults which was so not me as a child. She karate kicks. She absolutely fizzes with energetic and physical expression.

So how to turn this into an adult equivalent?

Oh yes…

To hell with the freakin’ organisation, domestic accounts and local politics for now. If I allow myself some play time, I can see to them later. Or even tomorrow.

There’s a time when avoidance needs addressing for sure. This isn’t one of them.

I’ve been dealing with grown up stuff of one kind or another all week, apart from a gorgeous evening with a similarly gorgeous friend. Overall, not enough attention to chill time and what I desire to nourish me.

Mmm… There’s a Classic Magnum calling me from the freezer and energetic dance music on Youtube. Here I gooooooooo!

When’s the last time your inner child had freedom and fun?

Love to you…

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