Roll up roll up. Pay yer money and take yer chances!

Despite my best intentions, I’m so sick of the general election hyperbole and posturing I think I’ll burst if I don’t say something.

Where’s the soul? Where’s the Wild Soul? Look them in the eyes and all you see is a closed curtain.

Rant alert!

Boris the Buffoon has dead eyes, lacks empathy… Did you see him with the Yorkshire flood victims?… and acts as if he’s in the Eton debating society. So proud of his ‘oven ready’ Brexit deal I wish he’d shove it where the sun don’t shine.

Oh Jeremy Corbin! How lame is the chant with which his adorers greet him. He has to be deluded if he believes that a far left socialist agenda will be clasped to the bosom of a nation which totally avoided the revolutions of 19th and 20th century Europe, Russia and South American nations!

Then there’s jolly-hockey-sticks Swinson. She only has one button and that’s ON. Emphatic about everything I find it hard to discern that what I’m seeing is will-the-real-party-leader-stand-up-please?

What about Farrage the-come-back-kid, Sturgeon I-will-get-Scottish-independence-if-it-kills-me, the dour-DUP, the glorious-Greens etc. etc. etc.

What a bitch I’m being with this literary Gerald Scarfe cartoon! I own it unreservedly…

My heart bleeds for a REAL unifying leader and not the mix of myth peddling imposters we’ve got. But ‘what to do?’ as my elderly neighbour says in the face of intractable problems.

To not vote would be to deny all those heroines who fought for women’s suffrage. As I write that the spectre of them being force-fed in prison haunts my thoughts.

I’ll vote for sure… And urge you to do so too, woman.

The unspeakable only happens when good people fail to act!

And what about tactical voting, you say?

I can only repeat, ‘What to do?’ It’s all such a gamble…

As I begin to conclude, Mo Mowlem comes into my mind. The Northern Ireland peace deal was truly brokered by her although male politicians claimed the glory. Whenever I heard her speak I would think, ‘Now there’s a woman who’s worked on her personal and spiritual evolution.’

She had fire in her eyes and belly, a gorgeous sense of humour plus exemplary and unifying leadership skills. A Wild Soul indeed!

Oh for such a leader now…

Love to you…

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Photo by Elliott Stallion on Unsplash

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