I’m feeling a huge hairy and heart-felt WAHOOOOOOO!

Just to be alive.

Just to be sitting at my laptop creating.

Just to feel fully aligned with who I am and why I’m here.

Just to feel the freedom even I never knew I could feel.

My Wild Soul is so celebrating!

When you say the word ‘soul,’ people generally associate it with religion or high falutin’ ideas and philosophies. Yes, there’s the aspect of soul which flies high and is inspirational in a lofty way. But it has to be grounded.

Otherwise you’ll end up a space cadet whiffing of the 60’s herbal helper and all ‘love and light man!’

Then there’s your #WildSoul, your grounded personal life direction sat-nav beyond its weight in gold… AND it’s totally cost-free!

I realise now it was my Wild Soul that tried to stop me marrying unhappily, my Wild Soul that stopped me killing myself and my Wild Soul that’s held and guided me in bleak times and to delicious successes in my life.


Join me 10.30 am this Thursday the 7th for my LIVE innovative webinar

‘The Low Down on your Wild Soul and Three Ways it can help You Rock!’


All you need do is join my Facebook private group ‘Wild Courageous Women’ where I’ll be going LIVE.

The benefit of attending my Facebook LIVE is you get to ask questions and make any comments as we go along. It’s kinda you and me co-creating the experience.

And then there’s your life! So, if you’re unable to make the LIVE, you can always watch the replay.


Either way, join here…



Please don’t turn up on my Facebook profile and expect to see me LIVE there. You won’t. The only women seeing and hearing my evolutionary break-through webinar are the gorgeous women in our own private group.


So join us here…



When you apply, tell me you receive my Morning Inspirations and, as a bonus, I’ll PM you a relaxing and re-invigorating MP4; a special gift from me to you.

What’s not to like?

I’m so freakin’ excited by my discovery of #WildSoul and how it hotwires your choices and the life you lead… I just can’t wait to share it all with you!

Love to you…


PS Please encourage any wild courageous women you know or women wanting to be to join my group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/WildCourageousWomen

If they do it before Thursday they can attend my LIVE too 🙂


Photo by Manyu Varma on Unsplash

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