It’s done. Election over. The direction is now clear… BREXIT will be, at last, in process. We’ll also have five years in which to see whether the avowed ‘one nation’ Boris will live up to his promise.

I’ve certainly felt the relief in my body. At least the dithering is over and we know where we’re going.

Humans dislike uncertainty. Biophysically we’re set up for homeostasis, for keeping our vital signs on an even keel. The downside is this creates a bias towards the status quo.

No change here please!


There’s no personal or spiritual evolution if you stay just as you are. And, if there’s no growth, no expansion, you can’t actually stay as you are anyway. Instead you shrink into boredom, struggle or apathy.

The antidote instinctively is either to keep busy so you don’t feel any of those feelings or fall into depression as a means to escape them. I know it sounds freakin’ crazy but depression, as horrible as it is, can be a rite of passage to a more evolved you.

One way or another these signals from your soul to evolve will catch up with you. If you don’t listen to them they manifest in all kinds of ways. You get faced with a life crisis or get a mysterious skin condition (stress induced) or die of boredom metaphorically… perhaps even physically.

Or whatever is your own unique way of attempting to get your own attention!

The divine always desires to express through you. Your soul always yearns to get your attention when you don’t listen to its messages to grow; to become even more of the magnificent woman you really are.

Yikes, change? OH NO…

Just imagine who and how you were as a three year old… then a ten year old… and then a fifteen year old. Did you not grow?

Next, imagine your life now at your current age if you had never evolved physically, mentally or psychologically beyond ten years old.

Sobering vision, eh?

Change for most of us is inevitable unless we choose, consciously or unconsciously, not to grow. That’s so damn painful, isn’t it, to feel stuck or trapped or depressed?

My experience is that when you’re involved in growth you’re never ever given anything with which you can’t cope. The change, the evolution, is always about something within. And how you manifest your internal evolution is most definitely up to you.

At 71 I look back and see my abused and depressed child, my distraught lost teenager, my single mother unable to buy herself lunch, my unhappily married woman, my feeling trapped, fearful and downright insane sometimes.

What I know above all else is that you are always but always held in the process of growth and loved. As I was… and am!

I feel so blessed, grateful and freakin’ freakin’ excited that in January I’ll start showing you how you too can so much more easily navigate your growth and your life through listening to your soul.

I know that’s one big sentence but this is one beautiful, sizeable and divine project, woman… just for you!

As one client told me, being able to connect with and be guided by her soul felt like she was able to create her own bit of heaven right here on earth.

Who in their right mind would not want that?

Love to you…

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Photo Bruno van der Kraan on Unsplash

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