I’m sitting here wanting to explode…

By the time you get this it will be two days before voting in the UK’s general election. AND I CAN’T BEAR TALKING ABOUT IT ANY MORE!

So I won’t because…

I’m sitting here wanting to explode with shedloads of love for you… YES YOU!

Have I lost my mind?

No… Just deeply tuned into the amazing, awesome, precious and screwed up being you are. Nothing personal. We all get screwed up. It seems to be part of the human journey.

And my warm womanly all-encompassing heart goes out to you because of that…

I know you’re doing the very best you can with the resources you have right now. And I know some of you desire to do even better; to be released from some old patterns and shite that keep you locked in unproductive and destructive patterns of behaviour.

More power to you superb women.

You’re answering the call of your Wild Soul to be more of who you really are rather than who you were trained to be.

And you know what?

I don’t care how you do that as long as you freakin’ do it!

It’s your birth-right.

Yes, I did make sure you knew of the special offer on my Foundation package. That’s because I know how speedily and effectively my unique approach turns stuff around. And I know, of course, what a shit-hot facilitator I am!

Ultimately, the most most MOST important thing is you do the work somehow. You and your life are far too precious to waste.

The Wild Elder has spoken!

Please please give a thought for yourself in the busy and ho-ho-ho lead up to the festive season.

We can all be born again… including you!

Love to you…

PS It’s never but never too late…

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Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

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