There’s often inner chaos when you step up to the plate. When you ask yourself to up level, to go beyond anything you’ve been or done before. And there’s even a hint of terror in the mix.

You and I are biologically primed for homeostasis. Let’s not change thanks very much. Let’s stay same-old-same-old…

I know that one!

Staying the same makes absolute sense for our bio-physiological vital signs. But for our Wild Souls?


There’s a saying that we’re made of the same stuff as stars. But it’s no longer a saying when 2020 science confirms that the building blocks of stars are part of your building blocks too.

No wonder our Wild Souls want to soar and burn brightly. AND no wonder our personalities put on the brakes. To be that magnificent? To be the centre of attention? To shine so brightly we might even dazzle ourselves?


We’re not all destined for centre stage.


We are all destined to experience our own magnificence, our own attention, our own shining.

When you do you sense your purpose here on earth, have meaning to your life and find deep belonging and love within you.

Remember those moments, maybe nano-seconds, when you’ve felt totally engaged in being somewhere or doing something you love. No separation. Those moments of complete belonging and flow where you don’t hesitate or question. Those moments you make a decision with conviction.

That’s you being inspired, motivated and under-pinned by your Wild Soul!

Women work with me individually and in groups. Now I’m offering an even more accessible way… my Wild Soul Writing! Facebook group.

It’s for courageous women who want to grow psycho-spiritually so you find direction and manifest what you desire.

It’s for courageous women in therapy or coaching so you enhance and speed up your growth with your own inner therapist and coach on tap.

It’s for courageous women who love to write so you up level your fluency, message and the impact of your work for yourself and your readers.

Join me tonight and tomorrow evening for my Wild Soul Challenge to experience the work AND what your Wild Soul can do for you. Here it is…


Two cost-free evening webinars on

Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 January

7.15 pm GMT for 45-60 minutes

Exclusively streamed LIVE to my Facebook Wild Courageous Women private group via Zoom.


And that chaos and hint of terror? They go the minute you begin relating with your own Wild Soul. Your divine inner satnav that’s been waiting a life time for you to find it.

It’s like coming home…

Love to you…


PS Too woo-woo? Too it-can’t-be-real? Too left field? I’ve been there and you know what… Logic can only take you so far. Find out how much further you can go… Join Wild Courageous Women now!

Photo by Siyan Ren on Unsplash

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