OK… So I’m up levelling me, my work, my body, my feeling, my mind, psychologically, sensually, intuitively, my connection with the divine and the here and now… You name it I’m up levelling it!

And I’m freakin’ freakin’ out.

Not literally because the one who is Sharon Eden The Wild Elder has rock blasted foundations and two feet firmly on the ground. At the same time, I catch myself scrolling mindlessly through social media on my mobile… So I know part of me is shit scared.

DISTRACTION, AVOIDANCE, RESISTANCE… Whatever you call it. Anything but anything rather than write marketing copy for my online launch later this month.


Because the big gun anti-life gremlins are out. What if I’m crap? What if no-one signs up? What if I’m not good enough? What if they think I’m showing off? (A criticism of me as a child when my light was shining)


Ooo and, of course, What if they don’t like me or love me anymore and, even more, What if I fail and am humiliated (like I was as a child)?

Anything here sound familiar?

Whenever you’re urged to streeeeeeetch yourself, to shine, to do something new and exciting, the polar shut-you-down fears come out to play.

Recently one of my followers told me not to talk about what they called the ‘down-side’ of myself. ‘We like our heroes invincible,’ they said. I suggested they go find themselves another heroine!

For heroines are made of the same stuff as you and me. They are and I am at times as vulnerable and scared as you can be sometimes too.

The crucial thing is connection with your Wild Soul. When you have connection you can feel your fears AND neutralise them with the power of your internal holy satnav.

And you know without doubt that what the anti-life gremlins fear is you expanding, evolving and being more of who you really are.

And their fears? So much smoke from your childhood stay-small conditioning guns.

Now, I didn’t ask to up level. The party started before me and initially I had to be dragged kicking and screaming as I always do in my growth spurts.

But you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way for me… or you. Learning how to emerge from the cocoon is an evolutionary journey like no other!

Love to you…

PS  Make decisions as simple as painting by numbers, neutralise self-criticism with a power-house stain remover and AND make choosing options a dream; connect with your divine navigational system. Enrol for my cost-free Wild Soul Challenge through being a member of Wild Courageous Women now!

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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