I’m so excited about what I’ve discovered. You have TWO kinds of soul.

Moments of awe connect you with your Ascendant Soul. Like when you hold a new born baby for the first time, when you gasp at the majestic sight of a sunset or feel a deep oneness with nature. Or when you hear-see-feel-sense a huge life-changing message or insight.

Inspiration central!

Then there’s your Wild Soul which, compared with the ascendant kind, is down and dirty and strikes at any time. Its job is to guide you to navigate your life on earth.

Connected to who you really are, it absolutely knows what’s right for you/not right for you, your direction, purpose and stuff that helps you evolve personally and spiritually.

A holy satnav!

It sends messages like the straight-forward NOOOOOOO! I heard on my wedding day which I ignored… to my cost! It also sends messages like the crazy-jumbled-up-unintelligible one I received on the very edge of killing myself. It stopped me in my tracks even though I didn’t consciously understand.

Eternally grateful I took notice of that one!

Then there’s everyday Wild Soul messaging that makes a doddle out of decision making, contemplating your way forward, providing additional information about something or someone, guiding your choices etc.

It gives you the relaxation of lying back in a deckchair on a sunny day with your favourite drink in hand. Nowhere to go. Nothing to do. It’s a done deal.

Best of all you don’t have to wait for Wild Soul to send you a message. You can learn how to access and recognise its guidance through tuning in and listening.

A recent client of mine had a difficult relationship with a woman at work. I helped her ask Wild Soul for guidance. It cut through the crap and gave her information that sliced right through the dynamic. Her awareness shifted so speedily she knew exactly what she needed to change. And did it.

End of!

So, will any old way to ask Wild Soul for guidance do?

No freakin’ chance!

There’s an art of enquiry when it comes to your magnificent and wondrous Wild Soul. A particular way I’ll show you in my Wild Soul Challenge that you will absolutely love.

Being able to tap into my own Wild Soul at will has…

Deep touching tears fill my eyes as I type that; an attempt to explain the massive difference it’s made to me and my life.

It’s like the taste of sugar. You can’t explain it. You have to put sugar in your mouth to know what sweetness is.

And I’ll guide you into some of that too…

Love to you…

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Photo by Aperture Vintage on Unsplash

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