Wrote this on Sunday, wonderful woman. A day to celebrate us!

‘On International Women’s Day honouring the women before us, the women we are today and the women yet to come.

My heart’s swelling as I think of how we are so blessed to be benefiting from the achievements of our fore-mothers.


I interrupted an ‘important’ man speaking at the end of an all-women’s interactive workshop yesterday, an #IWD event. Why? The women were ripe for networking and he was brought in to speak TO them…For them to be passive and listen.

AND because part of my professional expertise and as an empath is to pick up what’s going on in a room.

He himself acknowledged it felt a bit daunting. You bet your sweet arse it was!

Women being compliant when most of them for sure wanted something else. The energy was palpable. Sitting facing the group I could see mostly downcast or glazed over eyes, dropped bodies, muddy auras and the fracturing of the communal and individual’s energy.


I apologised for interrupting him and made explicit the elephant in the room.

Give him his due… He appreciated my point it wasn’t personal. He could have been any man.

Also, he was sensitive to the women and the situation and drew his speaking to a close, enabling the group photo and the mixing and mingling to begin.

And now I’ve heard a woman was going to take me to task for having the temerity to interrupt him. Patriarchy is alive and well sisters!

I’m for empowering women in the moment not just in general.

It’s about acting in the moment, catching it in the moment that counts. Making the unconscious conscious. And by so doing empowering both yourself as a woman AND any other woman present.

Modelling for her that what women want matters!

What do you think?’

Love to you…

PS That word ‘empowering’ has got a bit tired through over use but what it means is ‘to give power or authority to; authorize, especially by legal or official means…to enable or permit.’ If you know a woman who could do with a dose of that, please forward this to her and encourage her to join us here.

Photo by Birmingham Museums Trust on Unsplash

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