You know how it is when you yearn for something a bit magical to come along. Something to engage you. Something to lift your spirits until they soar.

Something, anything, to break the cycle of eat-sleep-work; the cycle of the mundane.

Abraham Maslow, one of the fathers of positive psychology, talked about having ‘peak experiences.’ You might have had one at times yourself like in a beautiful place in nature, holding a new born baby or listening to some majestic music. Or anything else which touched and stirred your Wild Soul.

When you feel as though a cloudy veil has been removed from your eyes and you’re touching into the extra-ordinary. You might cry or at least tear up with feelings of extreme joy or bliss or realisation of something deeply profound and meaningful.

Strangely enough, peak experiences also often happen when you’re in breakdown. Over forty years ago I was.

My therapist’s room was in a tree lined street and going to an appointment one summer’s day, I suddenly saw the greenest green I’d ever seen in those trees’ leaves. The sky was the bluest blue. A passing car the yellowest yellow. All colours seemed ten times more vibrant than normal.

My heart swelled, my spirits soared and I felt the nearest to complete happiness perhaps I’ve ever known.

When I told my therapist what I’d experienced, he explained peak experiences to me. That for those moments we go beyond ordinary perception and understanding to a deeper/higher truth and reality that has no words.

Very yum!

A year later I was still working with him and, in a tricky period, I complained, ‘I wish I could have one of those peak experiences again!’

He laughed gently. ‘Oh but you are,’ he said. ‘You’ve just got so used to them you don’t notice them anymore.’

And you know what, he was right!

On my way home I looked at those trees with a quiet mind focusing on their leaves. And in those moments I could see their greenest green and the depths of all the colours around me. My being expanded and I cried with relief and joy.

Just recently I’ve been having a ‘dry’ spell. I’ve been feeling not as connected to my Wild Soul and the divine or having as many wooohoos.


Writing in my journal this morning, I suddenly remembered what my therapist told me way back then.  Even as I tell you, tears prick my eyes. Because I realise I’m now much more connected with my Wild Soul and the divine than I ever was.

I’ve just habituated so the extraordinary has become my new ordinary and I don’t notice its specialness most of the time.

It was only when I stopped with a clear mind, nowhere to go and nothing to do, that I felt the exhilaration again.

My ordinary is extraordinary when I allow myself to experience it.

And yours is too.

When you stop the busyness of eat-sleep-work… When you allow yourself to sit still with a clear mind who knows what you might feel, be or do!

Love to you…

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Photo by Robert Thiemann on Unsplash