I’m wordless. There are so many words being spoken over and over and over again about our current situation. They’re enough to blow the top of your head off!

And if you’re struggling with our new reality, well, it’s hardly surprising. It’s a bit like we’ve been put into detention without knowing how long we’re going to be there.

So, here’s the thing…

In this unprecedented time, if the universe ever needed me to come out of the closet, it has to be freakin’ now. So I am!

My work is psycho-spiritual. Not just helping you resolve your problems but, through them, helping you connect with your higher power, your divine blueprint, whatever you call the magnificent being you really are.

And not so you can just turn into a space-cadet and do a ‘Lucy in the sky with diamonds’ kind of hippy number.

So you can access your potential to live a life with meaning and purpose, knowing who you really are and the gifts you bring to humanity. So you can create your own heaven here on earth,


Now, you won’t all be a Mother Teresa or a Beyoncé or a Picasso!

But you will be a YOU, standing in your power and creating a life you love to live. And if there were no other reason for you to be born that would be enough… To live a joyful life!


Close your eyes and spend a few moments imagining what it could be like to wake up feeling confident and in your power, knowing, even if you work for someone else, you find meaning in what you do… In fact, you find meaning in everything you do.

That’s part of your spiritual potential woman. That’s what’s been waiting for you always.

So why on earth, when you might be feeling everything’s shit, am I raising this now?

Because NOW is the perfect time to grow… And get ready to come out running when this is over.

In fact, it’s your time to come out of the closet too!

Love to you…

PS This is all evolving from me as I type… me working as psychotherapist and spiritual midwife. I think there’s going to be another kind of magnificent online women’s gathering… Drop me a line if you’d like to be one of the first to know!

Photo by Luis Alfonso Orellana on Unsplash

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