Just giving you a heads up, below is about my cost-free webinar ‘A Letter from your Wild Soul’ which gives you 100% fail proof direction, purpose and advice in all areas of your life.

Why the heads up?

The first time I ran it I allowed myself to believe someone else knew better than me. Yeah, I know… Doesn’t often happen to me these days but an anti-life gremlin got me when I wasn’t looking.

Anyhow, last time I offered loads of places as advised. Not everybody who booked turned up which can happen with cost-free events. Even so, there were more than enough women present and I had to run way overtime to ensure each of them got their space and my attention.

Lesson learned!

So this time I’ve limited the tickets to eight women. One went without even advertising which leaves just seven places available.

So if you missed it last time, go straight to the link at the end of this post to register for your ticket now…


Sometimes you know or sense there has to be more to you and your life but you don’t know what. From time to time it perplexes you and you wish you could put your finger on it.

It’s like there’s a washing machine drum whooshing about inside. You’re waiting for that final rinse and drain so you can open the door and release your clean and fresh smelling laundry with an ahhhhh of satisfaction. Mission accomplished!

Well, you’re right…

There’s not just more to you, there’s shedloads more to who you are magnificent woman.

And the secret to the gorgeous mystery of YOU lies within!

Close your eyes and imagine how you feel waking up confident and in your power, knowing, even if you work for someone else, there’s meaning in what you do…

In fact, you find meaning in everything you do!

That’s part of your spiritual potential, woman. That’s what’s been waiting for you always.

Taste the magic and freedom of your Wild Soul and its wisdom, your 100% fail proof inner satnav.

Sign up for this webinar and experience…

Image: heart. Three ways to connect with your awesome Wild Soul

Image: heart. Beautiful guided imagery to inspire, relax and rejuvenate

Image: heart. Receive your Wild Soul’s message for your current healing and growth.

Image: heart. Complete with webinar workbook and

Image: heart. All within the power, love and collaboration of a Wild Elder Women’s Gathering.

This is not for you if…

  • You’re eager to book tickets but don’t generally show up or…
  • You’re interested in the idea but not keen on doing the work


  • You’re interested in and turn up for personal and spiritual growth events
  • You’re willing to commit to the work as a journey of discovery

Welcome, welcome! With only eight women in the group, you’re in exactly the right place… Seven places left at the time of writing.

Once registered you’ll be sent the link to join this webinar separately by Sharon Eden, The Wild Elder.

Grab your complementary place on this very special webinar right now…

Love and warm wild wishes to you…

PS Sorry… Forgot to mention this is also the last time I’m offering this event cost-free. AND if you know a woman who would benefit from it, please forward this to her with love.