My boiler has conked out twice in a matter of weeks. The first time demanded a new pump. The second the control board.

The freakin’ control board!

Without it your boiler is totally but totally dead.

Just like you when all that’s left is your physical being. Your control board has conked out and gone.

You don’t have to die physically for that to happen.

I spent my adolescence to early thirties as what I call ‘living dead.’ Living on remote control, programmed to behave in certain ways which I blindly followed although they didn’t serve me. Sometimes feeling numb or empty inside.

Creating my own hell on earth!

I started feeling seriously unsettled as I approached thirty. A periodic restlessness in my guts. Thoughts like, ‘There has to be more to life than this!’ And a yearning. Oh that darned aching miserable yearning… although for what I had no idea.

I know now this was my Wild Soul calling from beyond my conditioning, from beyond my personality, from beyond the ‘who’ I’d been trained to be.

And as I wrote that, a voice in me said that what I’m writing is a pile of shit. I feel constrained as if in handcuffs with tape across my mouth able to only make dumbed down noises, powerless protestations!

So what the feck do I want to say that I’m not?

That life is so breathtakingly amazing when you have a relationship with your Wild Soul and its wisdom, your essence, your blueprint, your deepest most loving 100% fail proof inner satnav.

I feel loved and safe, held and supported. Like the feeling of a guiding and reassuring hand on your back always but always there for you. And always guiding you in line with your unfolding and evolving as the unique human being you are.

Relating with your Wild Soul lights up your life with purpose and meaning whatever its material reality. And your Wild Soul is the best coach and mentor you could ever have.

In fact, I was wrong. Your Wild Soul isn’t your control board. It’s far more magnificent, complex and awesome. No wonder it told me I was writing a pile of shit!

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Love and warm wild wishes to you…

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