It’s all the emerald ring’s fault…

To tell the truth, I’d lost a bit of my mojo recently. My ‘get up and go’ was more get up and lie down again. My passion for what I do was still there but I felt something missing…

Classic symptom to know another evolutionary spurt is on its way!

And you know what, until I typed that sentence, I’d forgotten that how I’ve been feeling usually heralds another shift. That’s the thing with this stuff… You can become amnesic.

So, thank you. Writing this post for you jogged my memory.

And there’s this emerald ring thing.

I received it in a message from my Wild Soul. Not a real emerald ring (I wish!) but a symbolic one. So I googled the meaning of it. There were loads of meanings but the one that struck me was…

‘Ancient Romans, for example, felt that the very soul of an individual was restored when they wore emerald jewellery.’


Restore? My Wild Soul appears to be in fine fettle.

If by now your mind is a bit scrabbled, welcome to my world. It’s always the way. Logical mind gets caught up in trying to make sense of what your non-logical intelligence offers you.

And the only way is to just sit with what you got given until realisation dawns as it always does.

Logical mind doesn’t have the patience for that. It wants to know now, this minute. That’s why you have to breathe, thank it for being the clever logical mind that it is AND right now a creative process is happening the answer to which will be revealed in time.

Or some such crap!

Anything that settles logical mind and allows your evolutionary process enough space to marinade.

Ahhhhhhh… Just feeling the tension in my body subside.

So, magnificent woman, if you know a mystical or other-worldly meaning for the symbol of a green emerald ring, do tell!

My sense is it’s related to the success of my online workshop, A Letter from Your Wild Soul, which shows you how to connect and communicate with your own; your fail proof inner guidance system. Indeed, I’ve realised this is just the first in a series of online workshops including…

How your Wild Soul can supercharge your business!

Wild Soul relationships – Find out how to improve yours!

How to find out your #1 talent with your Wild Soul!

And that’s how it is with Conscious Evolution™. You get a bit of this and a bit of that until, eventually, the penny drops. Or, sometimes, the bomb shell drops because the revelation is so big it feels like that.


If there’s something bugging you right now that logical mind just can’t grasp, have faith. Relax… Soften your eyes so you become aware of peripheral vision and let the rest of you follow in suit.

Then, sooner or later, your Wild Soul will reveal exactly what’s going on.

Love and warm wild wishes to you…

PS Do you know one or two women who would benefit from connecting with their Wild Soul, their fail proof inner guidance system? Then, please forward this email to them and encourage them to join our community here…

Photo by Devon Janse van Rensburg on Unsplash