How are you?

Really… how ARE you?

We’re in the seventh week of lockdown in the UK.

Unless you’re a key-worker… If you are, freakin’ humongous warm womanly gratitude and blessings… Unless you’re a key worker, you will have had to be creative not to go barmy indoors.

If you’ve got young children, I take my hat off to you. Especially if you live in cramped conditions and don’t know where the next penny’s coming from. My heart goes out to you.

If you’ve got an underlying medical and/or mental health condition, ditto.

Weeks and weeks of isolation if you’re not happy on your own or in a difficult or abusive family situation is purgatory. If you’re experiencing domestic violence ring 999 and stay silent if you’re not able to speak. They will do the rest.

If you’re over 70 like me… Well, what can I say, woman? Some of us have already been doing what the government now suggests for robust over 70s. And some of us will stick to the twelve weeks social isolation… at least!

Life will never be the same after Covid-19 for any of us.

Will we continue with the camaraderie felt clapping with neighbours? Will we continue to help the disadvantaged where we can? Even putting food and sanitary products in food bank collection containers helps.

Will we fly less? Work more at home? Go out less for entertainment and eating? Will we be less materialistic?

As it takes about twenty-one days to embed a new habit, it’s possible some people will. And, of course, some people will go back to their old habits of consumerism and damage to our planet earth.

Is it just me but does the sky look bluer without so many aeronautical vapour trails?

So, where am I going with this?

There is a truly golden growth opportunity in the midst of tragedy and extreme hardship. A client recently remonstrated with me how could they think this is an opportunity when so many people are suffering?

Does you NOT taking this opportunity for personal and spiritual evolution help those experiencing tragedy and extreme hardship?


Altruistic action will help but denying your own Wild Soul’s calling won’t!

Each of us has the opportunity to evolve whatever…

While you have time away from all the things you use to distract yourself, now is the opportunity to sit quietly and listen to the guidance of your Wild Soul. To become more of who you really are rather than who you were trained to be.

More enjoyment, direction and purpose for your life.

The founder* of the spiritual psychology where I first trained, asserted that there would be no need for laws if everyone lived in accord with their deepest integrity.

Quite a thought, eh?

Contact me to explore how you could listen to your Wild Soul, your 100% fail proof inner satnav, for more enjoyment, direction and purpose in life. You can email me here.

Love and warm wild wishes to you…

PS If you’d love an audio recording of a guided imagery journey cost-free that I’m about to make let me know. Its aim is to relax and refresh you in these stressful times. PM me on Facebook Messenger at Sharon Eden The Wild Elder now!

Photo by Matthew T Rader on Unsplash